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Band Workshop and Band Workshop for Girls

The purpose of Band Workshop is to complement your music lessons by empowering young musicians to play music with other, like-minded youngsters.

Players are assigned to a band, based on the following criteria: Age, Level of experience, Instrument(s) played, Music Style

The bands will get the list of the songs that they will develop for the final concert. The list is decided upon by the instructors and adapted to the participants’ abilities and tastes. We also strongly encourage and guide the composition, practice and performance of original tunes written by the band members.

Each band meets to play together once a week, for 60 minutes. Our instructors run the rehearsals and make sure everyone starts and stops on time and remains in tune and on task.

Watch select videos from our Summer concert in our Facebook page.

String Ensemble

Participants will play classical material ranging from Mozart to Frank Zappa. Participation is open to all classical string instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass).

Students meet for rehearsals once a week for an hour. Participants in String Ensemble are invited to participate on our recitals at the end of each 10-week program.

Our great teacher is Felicia McFall who has taught at SMAS for the past three years and is a gentle, patient educator with lots of skill and a certification by Suzuki (up to book 4).

Sound Recording

Learn to record music and make it sound awesome. This is a companion program to the Band Workshop programs.

Participants will record music created during the Band Workshops as well as create their own compositions, in the computer.

Taught by our director, Aldo Mosca, who wrote several sound recording tutorials for Sonoma Music Arts School and other publishers.


Create commercial spots, music videos, and other pieces of video art. Meets one hour a week (for instructions) with additional time scheduled each week for hands-on video editing.

The videos made in this class will be presented at the concerts that happen at the end of each 10-week period.

This class is presented by Brett Carrillo. Brett received the “Best New Filmmaker” award at the Boontville Film Festival in 2008 for “Dark Roast,” a feature length video that he wrote, directed and acted. Brett has worked with kids of all ages at SMAS since 2007, mainly teaching guitar, and has also led many camps and workshops in music and video production.

Our after-school programs are designed to bring children together to learn more about music, and foster self-esteem, camaraderie and creativity in a friendly, low-pressure, peer-supported environment. Participants in the programs learn to play instruments, write songs and form bands. The kids are assigned to groups according to age, experience and preferences. The programs help achieve independence and self-empowerment through education.

We offer 10-week programs during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. At the end of each 10-week period, there will be a concert for the participants and faculty. Our programs are available for students in grades 6-12.

We've also designed these programs to be affordable. Only $150 per 10-week program (or $15 per session).

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