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Intro to Pro Tools Workshop

Chances are that if you're interested (or already involved) in producing audio, you have heard about Pro Tools. Most people making sounds for music, podcasts, radio programs, art or film/video today are working with digital audio workstations. Many platforms exist for working with digital sound. Of these, Digidesign Pro Tools is a very popular system found in thousands of professional studios, yet is affordable enough to also be found in thousands of home and project studios worldwide.

At Sonoma Music Arts School, we're proud to annuonce the first in a series of Workshops in Sound Production: our Introduction to Pro Tools is a five-week, introductory level hands-on guided tour of Pro Tools. We will study recording, mixing and editing audio and MIDI in the digital audio workstation.

This workshop is for students wanting to learn the basics of audio engineering, as well as to musicians, radio producers, podcast producers, sound effects makers, sound people working for film and/or video, and others involved in audio content creation.

No prior knowledge of digital audio recording is necessary. The concepts and techniques acquired in this workshop are transferable to other digital audio platforms (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Sonar, etc). All the lab exercises, however, will be done on Pro Tools equipment. A certificate will be issued to attendees. Music talent is not required (but if you have any, please bring it with you).

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